Feedback from Prabodh Doshi, Pondicherry
Attendee @ Residential Camp 03
Feedback from a Participant @ the Life & Breath Camp 2022
LiMBS 1 Participant Nitin Rambhia tells us how he noticed little changes in his thoughts while living his everyday life. Thoughts, that would inspire him to change the way he lives and in turn change the lives of others.
Mr Ashok Tawde – Participant, Life and Breath
Asha Bhandarkar on how Life and Breath has improved her sense of well being
Akshata, Life and Breath basic course Participant talks about the benefits she has derived from regular practice of the breathing exercises
Life and Breath Online Course 02 Participant Madhu Mehta speaks about the benefit she has experienced
Life and Breath Participant, Asha Bhandarkar’s experience
LiMBS1 Participant, Meera Gupta, narrates her experience
Sushma Sureka shares how Life and Breath has improved her spinal health
Shashi Patodia participant of Life and Breath Online Course 02 shares her experience
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