Nalini Mohan

LiMBS (Advance Course) Participant

I am indebted to this Noble Science. The breathing exercises along with the Affirmations have given me great

Dilip Karnik

President (Technical &Operations) Retd. FDC LTD. Attendee @ Residential Camp 03

I recently attended a three day abridged course on “Life and Breath “organised by Pratibimb Charitable Trust.

Prof. Suneel Kateriya

Professor and Dean of School of Biotechnology, JNU

I am a professor and scientist of Biotechnology by occupation. My spouse had introduced me to this wonderful science. I did an online basic course in Life and Breath during the lockdown.

Jayashree Shetty

Residential Camp Participant

The Life and Breath Residential Camp at Rambhau Prabodhini, 5–9 March, was an amazing experience!

Air Marshal Bali

Participant, Life and Breath

Having read some very sincere and eloquent testimonials I feel unequal to the task but let me make an attempt.

Sunita Dharnidharka

Participant, Life and Breath

My experience started with the basic course batch 02 of Life and Breath..which was 5 days a week Monday to Friday during the lockdown.

वृषाली देशपांडे

विद्यार्थी, जीवन आणि श्वास

प्रिय श्रोत, वाचक, नमस्ते
मी वृषाली देशपांडे, व्यवसायाने चार्टर्ड अकाउंटंट.

Vrushali Deshpande

Participant, Life and Breath

Dear All,
My name is Vrushali Deshpande, Chartered Accountant by qualification.

Dr.Soniya Chandratreya

Participant, Life and Breath

My name is Dr.Soniya Chandratreya. I am a Homoeopathic Physician. My sister introduced me to this course of Life and Breath.

Mr Ashok Tawde

Participant, Life and Breath

In this context, I would share that I was feeling very lonely, sad and was going through mental stress after the sad demise of my wife due to Cancer.

Nalini Mohan

Participant, Life and Breath

Dear friends
I wish to write about this LIFECHANGING course and The wonderful Guru we have

Mohan Vutha

Life and Breath and LiMBS through the eyes of

I am Chartered Accountant by qualification. My Engineer brother, my son and I are whole time Directors running medium scale industries near Mumbai.

Praveen Kamath

on why he recommends Life and Breath

I wanted to share my experience that I had 3 days ago. I had experienced this when I was doing the Mental Physics class with sir in 2018…

Mehernosh Chhapkhanawalla

writes about what he has gained from Life and Breath

I have been a Participant of Mental Physics in which I was systematically taught and made to practise breathing exercises,

Dr. Manoj Malkan

Life and Breath Participant, narrates his experience

My name is Dr. Manoj Malkan, aged 65 years and practising Allopathy since 40 years now. I have suffered from Severe nose allergies…

Dr. Vrunda Patil

LiMBS 1 Participant, Dr. Vrunda Patil on the benefits she has derived

Hello! I am Dr. Vrunda Patil, a dentist by profession. Managing profession and my other responsibilities as a mother,


a Participant of Life and Breath shares her experience

I joined this course at the time when I was going through a lot of health issues and stress. My major concern was my skin problem

Aruna Prakash

Life and Breath Participant, shares her journey with the Life and Breath course

It was eight years ago on our way to Daman that myself and my husband met with a terrible car accident on the high way.

Dr. (Mrs) Seema Bendre

Life and Breath Participant writes about her experience

The breathing exercises have been a great help to me as I started with the classes.I had skin issues for which…

Persis Chhapkhanawalla

Life and Breath Participant, shares how she has benefited from breathing exercises

I have benefited tremendously from the breathing exercises. Physically I feel more energetic and strong. My Asthama is totally under control.

Anand Kothari

Life and Breath Participant shares his experience

Being an ambitious Chartered Accountant life had been very chaotic with too many due dates and compliance’s to be managed.

Dr. Kashmira Goghavalla

a Life and Breath Participant shares her thoughts

I Dr. Kashmira Goghavalla, Physiotherapist by my profession, joint the Breathing exercise and Meditation class conducted in 2017.

Jayesh Shah

on the positive impact of the Life and Breath course

Hello Friends, My name is Jayesh Shah residing at Colaba. I am into business & we are importers & distributors

Dr. Madhusudan Bendre’s

experience with the Life and Breath course

I have been learning and practicing breathing exercises in various forms for over twenty years. Breath is master-key to ones Mind.

Gandharva Brahmania

on the benefit he has derived from learning Life and Breath

When I was introduced to this course I did not know what to expect .I found a relief to my sinus problem in the first three…

Nanda Kukreja

Life and Breath Participant on the way the course has influenced her life

Greetings. I am Nanda Kukreja, a teacher by profession. Training young minds with differing levels of intelligence can take a toll on one’s patience.

Murthy Sathanapally

a Participant of the Life and Breath Online Course shares his experience

I recently attended Life and Breath Basic Course, delivered for the first time through an on line video platform.

V.S. Kumar

Life and Breath Online Course Participant

I attended the Life and Breath program conducted by Pratibimb Trust online from May 4 to 30. Apart from the fact that many…

Shashi Patodia

participant of Life and Breath Online Course 02 shares her experience

I am Shashi Patodia. I am doing life and breath online basic course from 4/5/20 .. Mujhe ek saal se frozen shoulder tha…

Pankaj Shah

Advance Course Participant, shares his thoughts

Thanks to this Science, (a)I have learnt to be more patient and positive in all my day to day life…


Life and Breath basic course Participant talks about the benefits she has derived from regular practice of the breathing exercises

This is the magic of LIFE and BREATH. Akshata was so severely asthmatic that she had to inhale medicines at least 10 times a day.

Dinesh Kejriwal

Basic Course Participant, shares his experience

MESSAGE FROM DINESH KEJRIWAL – a Participant of LIFE and BREATH at Chinmaya Vibhooti in October 2019 and at Chembur

Jyoti Arora

shared Experience by Advance Course Participant

Three years ago I came into this science through a very good friend. I was timid,underconfident and suffered from hypothyroidism.


Akshata Shared Her Amazing Experience, a basic batch Participant

A miracle shared by our Bhaktivedanta Participant, Akshata, of LIFE and BREATH course. The batch concluded on Sunday, 15th December 2019.

Vandana Rohira

An Advanced Course Participant, shares her experience

Namaskar !!! I would like to share my experience with Life and Breath. With the teachings of the course I have seen many positive changes in my life.

Mihir Bhatt and Kirti Bhatt

Words of Gratitude by Basic Course Participant

Dear Pravin Sir Like all good things, this extraordinary 20 week program, alas, is coming to an end, without our realising it.

Roochy Pandya

Experience shared by an Advanced Course Participant

Roochy Pandya, our advance course Participant, shares her experience: I have been practicing the breathing exercises since June 2017.

Pooja Dalmia

a Participant of Pratibimb’s advance course shares her experience

Hello friends, I am Puja Dalmia. I want to share my experience which I went through while doing my mentalphysics exercises of Pratibimb.

Parul Sharma

shares her experience after Life and Breath Course and practice

Parul Sharma shares her experience of LIFE and BREATH. I have been practicing breathing exercises since 2018 October/ November

Mr. Vinod Padia

Experience by a participant at Life and Breath Camp at Chinmay Vibhooti

Experience shared by participant of our basic course of breathing exercises and meditation at the Chinmay Vibhooti residential camp, Mr. Vinod Padia.

Participant of Pratibimb

A Life and Breath Participant narrates..

UNIVERSE PAYS BACK – LAW OF GIVE AND TAKE Sir, I want to convey the benefits derived by us from Life & Breath program

Tina Mehta

Shared Her Experience of a Participant of Life and Breath

A Participant of LIFE and BREATH shares her experience: Good morning Sir. My name is Tina Mehta. 57 years of age.

मधुश्री देशपांडे गानू

श्वास हेच जीवन या अभ्यासक्रमातील रसायनी येथील विद्यार्थिनीचे मनोगत

सकारात्मक बदल सध्या मी शिकत असलेल्या ‘ श्वास हेच जीवन ‘ या शास्त्राच्या अभ्यासक्रमाच्या निमित्ताने माझ्या एकूण विचारसरणीत आणि आयुष्यात

Niwedita Chawda

Fresh Participant from Mumbai

Course material was very informative and simple to understand. Sessions were very interesting and kept me engrossed.

Prashant Thakore

Fresh Participant from Ahmedabad who attended with wife Rosalio

Breathing Exercises were excellent, Meditation great and Laws of Living wonderful. We are experiencing change

Vipen Kohli

Fresh Participant from Lonavala

I am a COPD patient. Breathing exercises have made my breathing far better. The tightening of the legs has had a super impressive

Rajendra Shete

Fresh Participant from Kolhapur who attended with wife Swati

Breathing exercises were refreshing, Meditation was peaceful. The arrangements and the sessions were the best.

Dhiraj Rathod

Fresh Participant from Mumbai who attended with his wife Geeta

In depth knowledge of Manker Sir made this program, excellent. Thanks Manker Sir and Usha Ma’am.

Satish Ambedkar

Fresh Participant from Mumbai

My anger has reduced after attending this program.

Kushalaxi Hossabettu

Current Participant from Mumbai

Numbness in my feet (due to diabetes) has lessened after doing this course.

Dinesh Jaisingh

Repeater from Mumbai

It was my first spiritual residential camp. Experience about Breathing Exercises and Meditation was great,

B Shivram Naik

Repeater from Mumbai

Feedback of Participant of Chinmaya Vibhooti Residential Camp in April, 19* Residential facilities, Food arrangements were good, Conference Hall,

Dr. Sunita Walawalkar

Repeater from Mumbai

Good morning Sir. Though I have learnt breathing exercises few years ago, I started practicing it regularly 3/4 months ago.

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