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1. Life and Breath


2. Life is Mind, Body, Spirit


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It is self-evident that Breath is Life. From the first breath of the newborn infant to the last gasp of the dying man, life is a series of breaths. All our functions are dependent upon our breath. Our physical and mental health both depend on how our breath is. Therefore, breath is known as the flywheel of the physical and mental machinery.

For thousands of years, the art of breathing has been used effectively to create profound effects on the mind and body. And yet, no one teaches “How to Breathe!” Proper breathing can achieve relief from chronic pain, can help one to cope with anxiety, stress, depression, eventually leading to spiritual enlightenment. When the art of breathing is mastered, one can be at peace with oneself and the world.

A human being breathes on an average 21600 times per day. But out of that how many breaths is he aware of?
Breathing reflects and amplifies the emotions. Momentary stress causes the body to tense and breath starts turning shallow. A shallow breath lowers oxygen levels in the blood, which the brain senses as stress and breathing turns a little quicker and shallower. Oxygen levels fall a little more and the heart begins to race. The brain feels a little more stressed and thus begins a vicious cycle.
Gently rising and falling breath stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, soothing hormones flow thereby calming negative thoughts, feelings and emotions, so breathing becomes little more slow and deep and relaxation sets in. Thus, the earlier vicious cycle can be reversed with appropriate Breathing Exercises.

With the inhalation and exhalation, the abdominal organs rise and fall by 4-5 cms. This pumps oxygen and nutrient-rich fluids through the lymphatic system, flushing out toxins. The physical movement of the breath in the body also massages the liver, kidneys, intestines, joints of the spine, indeed everything, so they are kept healthy, supple and well lubricated.
Thus, Breathing Exercises have a lot of advantages; a healthy body as well as a calm, stable mind, which in turn ensure success in all endeavours.

There are various types of Meditation. The success lies in persistence after choosing any particular method. Meditation taught under “Life and Breath” is unique in a way that it is combined with positive affirmations, which help in sowing seeds in the subconscious mind, raising the consciousness to a higher level after persistent practice.

Meditation is not just concentration. It is something beyond that. It is a natural state of being, which cannot be achieved by merely avoiding thoughts. With the method taught under the Life and Breath programme, one is gradually led towards this state. It is something to be experienced and not merely described in words.

The easy to follow method ensures a calm, stable mind under any circumstance and also causes a change in consciousness. With consistent practice, it is a way to reach True Self.

Just as every system has laws, there are certain laws of nature. These natural laws are absolutely flawless and completely incorruptible. Obeying these natural laws with reverence ensures smooth sailing in life. These laws are taught under the Life and Breath Program. Learning, assimilating them properly & then adhering to, brings about a change in life.

With diligent and regular practice of breathing exercises, perseverant meditation and careful adherence to the Laws of Nature, the body becomes healthy, the mind becomes strong, focused and then success in any endeavour undertaken is guaranteed.

Listen to Affirmations

Spiritual Affirmations

Memory Developing Breath
Revitalising Breath
Inspirational Breath
Physical Perfection Breath
Vibro Magnetic Breath
Cleansing Breath
Affirmation of The Grand Rejuvenation Breath
Your Own Spiritual Breath

Meditational Affirmations

Prayer... Almighty and Eternal
Opening prayer
Closing prayer


Life and Breath (LaB)

  • Life and Breath 20 sessions, once a week, duration 20 weeks.
  • Life and Breath non-residential camp 4 sessions per day per week, duration 5 weeks.
  • Life and Breath residential camp, duration 5 consecutive days.

Life is Mind, Body, Spirit (LiMBS)

  • LiMBS 1
    27 sessions, once a week, duration 27 weeks.
  • LiMBS 2
    27 sessions, once a week, duration 27 weeks.
  • LiMBS 3
    29 sessions, once a week, duration 29 weeks.
  • LiMBS 4
    26 sessions, once a week, duration 26 weeks.

Teachers Workshop

Teacher’s training workshop to qualify as a Life and Breath teacher, duration 1.5 years approximately.

Practice Sessions - "Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice"

Free Practice sessions are offered to students who have completed the Life and Breath module . These sessions are conducted by our Teachers and qualified Pratibimb volunteers for Spritual breathing excercise and meditation.

For more information about ongoing and forthcoming courses please visit the Registrations page.

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