Residential Camp 10

Residential Camp 10
Residential cum Non-Residential Camp 10 @ Chembur Gymkhana, Mumbai, Maharashtra

The Life and Breath Camp by Pratibimb Charitable Trust, held amidst the bustling streets and lively spirit of Mumbai, was a resounding success. The three-day workshop, marked by exceptional enthusiasm from all participants, offered a unique and transformative experience, quite unlike any other.

Day 01
Bright Beginnings
At Chembur Gymkhana, our three-day journey kicked off with excitement. We lit a diya to mark the start and introduced everyone, including our dedicated teachers. Divided into groups, we began with theory and breathing exercises led by our course coordinator, Pravin Manker. We took breaks for meals and tea, bonding along the way. By 6 pm, we wrapped up, eager for more.

Day 02
Active Learning
The next day, Non-Residential participants joined us, adding to the buzz. We dove into activities like breathing exercises and theory discussions, taking breaks for food and chatting. By 6 pm, we wrapped up, feeling energized and ready for more.

Day 03
Enlightening End
As our final day dawned, we reflected on our journey together. We practised, discussed, and shared experiences, deepening our connections. As the day ended, we said goodbye with gratitude for the memories and friendships formed.

The three days spent at the camp were a tapestry of unforgettable moments, brimming with invaluable lessons, newfound connections, and enduring friendships. From dawn till dusk, an atmosphere of positivity enveloped us, fostering a profound sense of togetherness and camaraderie. Undoubtedly, it was a cherished experience, etched in our hearts as the very best of times.


Jeet Thakkar and Shweta Thakkar Residential Camp 08 Participant
Dr. Dipti Patankar
Residential Camp 08 Participant
Rachana Kotian
Residential Camp 08 Participant
Nilesh Shah
Residential Camp 08 Participant
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