Residential Camp 09

Residential Camp 09
6 – 8 January 2024 @ Regent Vatika, Golpark, Kolkata, West Bengal

The Life and Breath Camp by Pratibimb Charitable Trust, held in the vibrant City of Joy, Kolkata, was a resounding success. The three-day workshop, marked by exceptional enthusiasm from all participants, offered a unique and transformative experience, quite unlike any other.

A Deep Dive into Self-Discovery:
Immersed in a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and spiritual development, attendees delved into a shorter, power-packed version of the 20-weekend Life and Breath online program. Equipped with valuable tools for enhanced well-being and a more peaceful life, they embarked on a path towards inner peace and self-understanding.

Setting the Stage for Transformation:
The camp commenced with an introduction and the symbolic lighting of a lamp, marking the beginning of this profound exploration. Mr. Pravin Manker’s thoughtful opening address set the stage for a meaningful experience, followed by engaging breathing exercises skillfully linked with relevant theories, forming the core of the program.

Serene Mornings and Energizing Activities:
Guided by experienced faculty, calm morning sessions of breathing exercises provided a serene start to each day. An hour of energizing activities followed, before participants delved back into learning sessions, fostering a dynamic and enriching environment.

Community and Self-Expression through Music:
As night fell, the camp transformed into a space for comfort and self-expression. Joyful singing and music filled the air, offering participants the opportunity to showcase their unique talents and forge strong bonds of friendship and community.

Engaging Discussions and Profound Insights:
Curiosity sparked lively discussions and thought-provoking questions on profound topics. Mr. Pravin Manker’s insightful explanations left participants enlightened and eager for more, fueling their desire for continued growth.

More Than Just a Workshop:
This wasn’t just a regular workshop; it was a transformative experience, equipping attendees with the tools and knowledge to live with greater purpose and harmony. The camp’s impact was so profound that many participants are now excited to join the 20-week online Life and Breath program, extending their journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

The Life and Breath Camp in Kolkata truly lived up to its name, leaving a lasting impact on all who participated. It served as a stepping stone for many, embarking on a path towards a more fulfilling and peaceful life. The impact was profound, leaving everyone excited to continue their journey on the 20-week online Life and Breath program.


Jeet Thakkar and Shweta Thakkar Residential Camp 08 Participant
Dr. Dipti Patankar
Residential Camp 08 Participant
Rachana Kotian
Residential Camp 08 Participant
Nilesh Shah
Residential Camp 08 Participant
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