Residential Camp 11

Residential Camp 11 @ Keshav Srushti, Essel World, Uttan Village, Bhayander West

Have you ever wondered how young is young enough for wisdom, and how wise is wise enough for transformation? At Life and Breath Residential Camp 11, we discovered the beautiful truth: age is simply not the answer.

Our recent camp was a resounding success, bringing together a vibrant community of participants – from a sprightly 27 years young to a remarkable 90 years wise! This wasn’t your typical retreat; it was a transformative experience where everyone, regardless of age, came together to learn, grow, and connect.

This immersive program beautifully blended mindfulness, learning, and community spirit. Life and Breath Residential Camp 11 was a transformative journey filled with enlightening sessions, engaging activities, and unforgettable moments. Here’s a glimpse into the enriching experience our participants had:

Day 1: Igniting the Flame of Knowledge
The camp began with a beautiful inauguration, where the symbolic lighting of the lamp set a sacred tone for the days to come. Our course coordinator Pravin Manker welcomed the participants, introducing them to our esteemed trustees and dedicated teaching fraternity. The day was filled with enlightening sessions on the science of the mind, exploring the realms of the conscious and subconscious.

Mind Exploration

Dive deep into the mysteries of the conscious and subconscious mind.

Breath Awareness

Learn and practice pranayam and breathing exercises to center and calm your being.

Evening Harmony

An enchanting evening of singing and dancing, where participants showcased their talents and bonded over shared joy.

Day 2: Deepening the Journey
As dawn broke, participants began their day with a refreshing practice session, revisiting the techniques learned the previous day. The morning mist and tranquil surroundings provided the perfect backdrop for meditation and reflection.

Meditative Practices

Discover profound meditation techniques that bring peace and clarity.

Laws of Living

Gain insights into living a balanced and harmonious life.

Unity in Celebration

Experience the thrill of watching India's World Cup victory together, creating lasting memories of joy and camaraderie.

Day 3: Culmination and Enlightenment
The final day was a blend of continued practice and deep theoretical learning. Participants engaged in breathing exercises that rejuvenated their spirits and prepared them for the day’s teachings.

Morning Calm

Begin the day with soothing breathing exercises that energize and refresh.

Knowledge Sessions

Delve deeper into the course material with comprehensive theoretical sessions.

Interactive Open House

An open dialogue with Pravin Sir, where participants' queries were addressed, ensuring a holistic understanding of the teachings.

Why Join the Life and Breath Residential Camp?

At our camp, gain invaluable knowledge about breathing techniques and the laws of living. This journey will not only improve your health but also unlock a deeper understanding of yourself, leading to a lasting transformation in all aspects of your life.

Snapshots & Memories..

The three days at Life and Breath Residential Camp 11 were an absolute blast! From sunrise breathing practice sessions to late-night dance-offs, we packed in tons of fun, laughter, and learning. This camp wasn’t just an event – it was an unforgettable adventure that we’ll all be reminiscing about for years to come!


P.M. Balkrishna
Residential Camp 11 Participant
Ashis Banarjee
Residential Camp 11 Participant
Rashmi Balwani
Residential Camp 11 Participant
Rajshri Pardeshi
Residential Camp 11 Participant
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