Residential Camp 08

Residential Camp 08
15 – 17 December 2023 @ Keshav Srushti , Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini, Uttan, Bhayandar, December 2023

The Life and Breath Camp by Pratibimb Charitable Trust was a big success, and this time, the attendees were not just from India but also from other countries. From lively seniors to energetic youngsters, everyone brought exceptional enthusiasm, making the three-day workshop a noteworthy event.

During these three days, attendees immersed themselves in a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and spiritual development. It was like a shorter, power-packed version of the 20-weekend Life and Breath online program, providing us with the tools to enhance well-being and embrace a more peaceful life.

The camp commenced with an introduction and the lighting of a lamp, marking the beginning of our deep dive into self-discovery and inner peace. Mr. Pravin Manker gave us a thoughtful intro, setting the stage for a meaningful experience. Participants engaged in various breathing exercises skillfully linked with relevant theories, forming the core of the camp.

In the calm morning hours, the coordinator and experienced teachers guided early sessions of breathing exercises, providing a serene start to the day. This was followed by an hour of energizing activities before the learning sessions resumed.

As night fell, participants discovered moments of comfort and self-expression through cheerful singing and music. These times provided them with the opportunity to showcase their unique talents, fostering a strong sense of friendship and community throughout the camp.

Curiosity was in the air, sparking engaging discussions and thought-provoking questions on profound topics. Mr. Pravin Manker shared insightful explanations, leaving participants enlightened and eager for more.

The camp wasn’t just a regular workshop; it truly transformed lives, giving attendees the tools and knowledge to live with more purpose and harmony. It left such a mark that attendees are all excited about joining the 20-week online Life and Breath program to continue the journey of self-discovery and personal growth going.

Attendees from various age groups and walks of life have experienced profound transformations through their participation in the Life and Breath Camp.


Jeet Thakkar and Shweta Thakkar Residential Camp 08 Participant
Dr. Dipti Patankar
Residential Camp 08 Participant
Rachana Kotian
Residential Camp 08 Participant
Nilesh Shah
Residential Camp 08 Participant
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