Residential Camp 03

10 – 12 November 2022 @ Keshav Srushti , Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini,
Uttan, Bhayandar,
November 2022

For the first time ever, the 5-day course was condensed into a 3-day event. To make it accessible for a wider audience, the event was conducted over a weekend. After an overwhelming response to the first 2 editions, the third edition was a boon for several participants who had missed out on the first 2 due to time constraints.

The first day started off with an interaction amongst the participants, trustees of Pratibimb Charitable Trust and the teacher. Participants got to know more about the trustees & volunteers, the ones who work hard behind the scenes & keep the show running smoothly.

This was followed by a session of various breathing exercises which every participant performed wholeheartedly. Each exercise was demonstrated clearly, the exact steps were shown and it was made sure that every participant performs it accurately. There were theory lessons which were connected to the exercises and were explained quite elaborately by Pravin Manker Sir .

By late evening, as the day was about to end, a cultural program consisting of dance & singing performances was put up by the participants.

The next day, morning started early at the brink of the sunrise and the ideal breathing exercises that were taught a day earlier were done.
By the end , each participant felt energized and refreshed, such was the impact of these exercises.

Day 2 continued with further breathing exercises, learning the  meditation technique and intense learning.

After an intense & mindful day of breathing exercises and spiritual learning, a bonfire get together was an apt ending to the day. Participants sat around the campfire & there were impromptu performances of singing, dancing & even acting!

On the Day 3 of our camp, all gathered to see the sunrise at dawn. It was an incredible sight that truly gave us pause and an appreciation for nature’s beauty. After taking in the view, we went to perform some exercises with the help of Pravin Manker sir.

Overall it was an insightful experience that allowed all the participants to gain a better understanding of how simple but powerful practices can be performed for improving overall well-being.

In the end, there was an interactive session wherein the participants came forward and illustrated their experiences of the course promising to further continue the breathing exercises as they had found it very beneficial mentally and physically.

It was time to wrap up with beautiful memories and new insights into self-care. The 3 Days Residential camp brought lots of beautiful memories and fun learning experiences with new people, making it all worthwhile!

Snapshots & Memories..

Our Honorary Trustees
Pravin Sir, Naresh Padia, Mohan Vutha, Suresh Ahuja, Sudarshan Nair


Dear Team Pratibimb🤗

Sharing our feedback of the Life and Breath workshop:

We liked the way the exercises were taught along with simple and effective breathing techniques.

The concepts were explained in a way that was easy to experience and understand. Opened us new ways of thinking.

Practice makes us perfect and we are practicing to get it into our systems so that it becomes a part of us.

In Gratitude🙏🏾
Poonam, Shruti, Rohini
(Life and Breath Abridged version Camp 3 attendees)

Feedback from Prabodh Doshi, Pondicherry
Attendee @ Residential Camp 03

I recently attended a three day abridged course on “Life and Breath “organised by Pratibimb Charitable Trust.

Initially I was unsure as to why I was attending this course.But after listening to the contents of the course, the patience,understanding and the attention to detail , I realised that this was going to be instrumental in improving my understanding and putting it to use in my daily life.

Dilip Karnik

President (Technical &Operations) Retd. FDC LTD.
Attendee @ Residential Camp 03

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