Residential Camp 04

24 – 26 February 2023 @ Bowring Institute #19, St. Marks Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

This year’s first Residential Camp took place at Bowring Institute in Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka. This newly chosen venue, built during the British era, has charming ambience with plenty of greenery and open-air spaces, located right in the heart of the city. To ensure that the course was accessible to as many participants as possible, we once again opted for the abridged version of the Life and Breath course, which spanned 3 days over the weekend.

The commencement of the first day was marked by an inaugural ceremony that began with the lighting of the Diya to invoke the Divine’s blessings. Mr. Pravin Manker, the course coordinator, then proceeded to introduce himself, the trustees of Pratibimb Charitable Trust, and the group of aspiring teachers present at the event.

The course began after the inaugural ceremony, and it involved a series of breathing techniques and exercises that were enthusiastically performed by all the participants. Each exercise was carefully demonstrated, with clear instructions provided for every step, ensuring that each participant performed the techniques accurately.

Alongside the practical sessions, there were also theory lessons that were seamlessly integrated with the exercises and explained in great detail.

Students were given occasional breaks during the day to ease their fatigue. The day ended with a dinner where they shared their experiences of the day and engaged in light conversations.

On the Day 02 of our camp, we kicked off the morning bright and early as we gathered to practice the breathing exercises that we had learned the day before. These exercises left us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The impact of these exercises was truly remarkable, leaving us energized and ready to take on the day ahead.

The day was filled with deep breathing exercises and insightful learning sessions. To cap off this intense day on a delightful note, we headed to the nearby market on Church Street. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to bond and share some delicious desserts together.

Day 03 started with all the students participating in breathing exercises at 7am. After a wholesome breakfast, we continued with our regular class, which involved both theory and exercises for the day.

It was an enlightening experience that left us feeling inspired to continue our journey towards better health and wellness.

As the camp came to a close, we reflected on the many beautiful memories and valuable insights that we gained into the importance of well being. Over the 3 days of the residential camp, we shared wonderful experiences and learnings with new friends, making every moment truly worth it!


The universe doesn’t want you to try harder. It wants you to BREATHE, LET GO & be open to things being easier, magical than you can ever imagine. Those who flow as the universe flows know they need no other force.
Align with the cosmos…Let the magic happen..
Thankyou Pratibimb Charitable Trust for reintroducing me to a fresh breath of life as I journey ahead towards real breathing & living!

Zahira Curmally, Bengaluru

Life and Breath Abridged version Camp 4 attendee

Recently I attended Life and Breath Camp organised by Pratibimb Charitable Trust in Bengaluru from 24-26 Feb. It was very well organised and each member from the Trust as well as the participants were so helpful, cooperative and smiling .Earlier I was hesitant to join this camp thinking that there would be no use of joining it. But I must say that I would have regretted not joining it. The way it was taught in three days was mind blowing ..The course lay emphasis on the right technique of breathing and its impact on day to day life, how the Prana Shakti absorption can help in getting rid of the chronic diseases and in the camp itself I became positive. I have promised to follow it religiously and shed my extra weight too. We had fun in the night after the dinner as all of us would go out for Ice Cream and paan This good memory of learning and fun and staying together in a camp will remain with me and I will definitely join another camp in the future .Many of them who are normal housewife like me or other professionals must definitely join this course for a new dimension in their lives too.

Rashmi Mandhanya

Life and Breath Abridged version Camp 4 attendee

My association with Pratibimb began because of my sister in law . She insisted that I should enroll for the online Life and Breath programme as she was certain that it could cure my asthma. I enrolled but was skeptical. However the course was very different from anything I had ever attended. Initially I could not do the exercises but with the guidance and encouragement from my teacher this problem was overcome.

This residential camp in Bengaluru was God sent for my husband Shailesh and me. Both of us were reluctant to be a part of it but today we're ready to participate in any such camp in any part of India.

Anupama - Shailesh

Life and Breath Abridged version Camp 4 attendees

I came to know about Pratibimb Trust through a friend. I just attended their rejuvenating wonderful "Breathing for Life" program.

Before joining it my response was not so enthusiastic. As there are many institutions who are teaching breathing, yoga and health which are a ritual. In fact I had attended one in the past long ago. I pondered what is so special and unique about this one?

Suresh Kulkarni, Bangalore

Life and Breath Abridged version Camp 4 attendee

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