Exciting Reunion of LiMBS 4 participants

With the completion of our first online batch of LiMBS, all participants of LiMBS 4 gathered together at Bhaktivedanta School, Andheri (W), Mumbai for an exciting reunion.

After so many rejuvenating virtual sessions, it was a welcome relief for all participants to meet in-person.

LiMBS, being an advanced level course of spiritual breathing exercises, each participant had a multitude of experiences. Amidst this sharing of experiences, the curriculum teacher, Mr Pravin Manker had also planned for a range of breathing exercises to be done together.

As the eventful day progressed, participants wanted to express their immense gratitude for Mr Pravin Manker and they did so by performing a song specially for him.

By the end of the session, it was clear that just ONE day, a few hours were just not enough for participants to meet & share experiences. Everyone was left wanting for more.

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