वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम! Our world is one family!

Can there be a more beautiful moment than the one created by Rashid Khan of Afghanistan?

In that Divine moment he showed the whole world how love and respect go hand-in-hand.

That magical uniting moment happened during the time when the world stands divided and at war.

That joyful moment was unadulterated joy for the victory and gratitude for the nation that facilitated their preparation.

That spiritual moment demolished the divisive agendas of devious, self-appointed leaders of religions all over the world.

That triumphant moment was a celebration of humanity. A reminder that all human beings are identically created anywhere in the world and in all eras.

That beautiful moment would have been elevated to heavenly status if Pakistan had joined in the congratulations. It would have been a prophetic message that WE ARE ONE!

Thank you Rashid Khan for that moment!

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